Monday, March 5, 2012

Google Adsense Approval Trick March 2012

What you Must have before you Apply for Adsense ?

Well this are the things that you have to be consider before you think of applying to Google Adsense monetizing program.
1. A Blog with minimum 10 articles .
2. Blog must be Six month old.
3. Contents must be Unique.

What you have to do for getting Adsense account ?

1.Sign up for a Blogspot blog.
2. Register a Domain name on Godaddy or some local register ( if you want one,i can register for you )
3. Redirect your domain to your blog.
4. Write some articles about latest trends that are more popular.
5. Share your blog to facebook,google+,twitter, and have some followers.
6. Create some traffic for your blog.
7.Now Apply for Adsense via Blogger ,not directly on Adsense site.

This will surely help you to get Adsense account approved withn few days....

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