Wednesday, February 15, 2012

facing problems while copying files to memory card like "error copying files or folders"

Hi friends facing problems while copying files to memory card like "error copying files or folders" 

The disk is write protected? 
cant copy or edit files? 
then below is the step swhich you can follow to fix the problem 
the error message is displayed below 

In that case follow the procedure below to remove write protection from your pen drive. 

1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type regedit and press Enter, this will open theregistry editor

2. Navigate to the following path: 


Note: If the registry key StorageDevicePolicies key does not exist, you will need to create it 

Download this batch file called add.bat from here, and double click after download the key will be automatically added to registry. 

3. Double click the key WriteProtect in the right pane and set the value to 0 in the Value Data Box and press OK button 

4. Exit Registry, restart your computer and then again re-connect your USB pen drive on your computer. That is it, done. 

Method 2: 

The above will solve the problem. If you still face the problem, follow the below steps: 
1. Goto Start > Run, type cmd and press enter, this will open command prompt. 

2. Type the following command on the command prompt replacing X with the drive letter of your pen drive. 
The above two methods will help you fix the problem. 

Note: If two bugs also did not help you then you can replace your hardware

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